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Finding out competitors PBN !!!!
Do you guys research about your competitors PBN?? If so then which tool do you use?

I tried to do it but ahref is failing miserably. Don't know why?
That's because most of the PBN owners block ahref bot by default. So, any competitor like you won't able to figure out which is what.

And personally I don't think it's a good idea to check out competitors PBN. Because doesn't matter how much time money, effort, expertise you spend on them. If the owner wants to hide them from you then he or she can.

Just think about it most the sites ranking on the internet are from paid links!!! Right?? Still google itself is unable to figure it out. Which has practically unlimited resources.
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@nickdime It will be actually very stupid. As suggested earlier many blocks tools such as the ahrefs.

And why spend money and time in something that you will envy? Instead concentrate on your own rankings and how to outrank the competitor.
If you get one PBNs link, you may find another!

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