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A link is sending spam traffic.
A link is sending traffic to my site. Which I can bet is not from my niche. I don't know how it picked up my site but it is sending tons of spam traffic. The thing real worry for me is that if I get manual action or some sort of penalty for this link.

But the problem is that the link is no where to be found in the search console. How should I approach this situation?
If you are so sure about this link. Then add it up in your disavow list.

You don't necessarily have to find the link in search console. Although I am assuming here that there is an actual link present which has been verified properly on your part.
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Yes, that I have checked. The link is present in one of it's 'top best' page.

Anyway, thanks for the quick response.Smile
@elliekushn I agree.

If indeed the link is alive then you can just disavow it. Otherwise, don't bother. Just filter out in analytics.
If a link sending spam traffic. Then add it up in your disavow list.

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