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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - November 2020
@vk_lord Google is fitering out SERP's big time.

But the thing is the filters are for only small sites.
@nehal91 Indeed.

Twitter, Facebook all are facing the heat of the GOVT. Now I am wondering when Google will be??!!
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  • nehal91
Links have suddenly disappeared from the search consoles for many sites. Is anybody seeing this too?

And I don't know whether the link disappearance is the issue or not. Certainly organic conversions as well as traffic has fallen significantly. Google is saying no updates. Then what is happening?
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  • nehal91, white knight
@mediadrug I believe Google in many cases fully recreating the SERP's but quietly. Wink Cool
A possible update has been done Search Engine roundtable is reporting it.

@mediadrug Google search console is going on through many changes now. The disavow tool doesn't show a particular specific error as it used to do in the past, is just one of many.
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  • davids, mediadrug
@supaul Even if Google doesn't admits anything. I will still not believe that there is zero updates going on from their end.

Haven't seen fluctuations like this never before. Yesterday traffic fell almost 40% and then at night out of the blue a sudden influx in traffic & conversions went through the roof. And it is continuing even today.
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  • elliekushn, supaul
@supaul Thanks for the heads up.

Today almost 70% US traffic fell. What is happening people?

Businesses cannot sustain if we have solely rely on ads.
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  • davids
I agree @mediadrug businesses cannot survive. But who is going to put a leash on the big Techs. They are crushing us and Govt. itself is busy how they are handling election news.
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  • vk_lord
@davids Here fom UK. We were hoping that Mr. Trump is going to do something about it.

But it looks like now he himself is under heavy attack.WinkTongue
GSC is extremely slow these days.

New articles are taking too much time to get indexed. Might loose value too.

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