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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - November 2020
Well said @limbo.

Traffic is coming back since Friday. But this phenomenon was halted today many times. And also few sites were surging direct traffic.
@elliekushn I don't disagree with you. It's just that whether the traffic comes back or not, it never stays and hence the revenue. Google has become very much unpredictable which is the least thing to say. It is not dependable as well. If you want a stable source of income.

The idiocracy of Google knows no bound. A good brand name which is highly reputable in the arts niche. Is never getting the top position for its own name. Why? Because Google is ranking the site's facebook and twitter pages on top of it. And it is not just limited on that particular niche.
Discover is awfully hell lot quite since the last 24-36 hours. I checked other forums and they are saying it too.
@nehal91 Google doesn't care even if it's an exact match. They are still going to rank the fb page or account higher if it's has some followers base.

@peggy21 It's due the election debacle of misinformation.
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@davids Indexing is late. But pages are getting indexed very slowly though.

@nehal91 All is the work of deep states. Aren't you following what is happening in US?Wink
Today usual flow of morning traffic is gone.

@diamondhead And now I am hearing this that the results can come even after 2 months or so. So, imagine the frustration.
@peggy21 Expect traffic at unusual times. From what I am seeing and hearing this is the new normal.
Now again the holidays have come so traffic will be down for the time being.

Meanwhile, I have been working on some articles. But I am worried about them as the indexing issue is still there.
Anybody noticing articles from news sites are disappearing from the SERP's without any clue?

Because I am seeing this. And many have reported too.
@white knight Well duh!!! It's because of the drama in US. Big Corp like Google are trying to play it safe.

But I am afraid it's too for that.Wink
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