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Is Guest Posting only way to get Quality Links?
All I can find regarding link building and link building tactics to get real quality backlinks is by guest posting.

The internet is flooded with discussions about how guest posting can help one webmaster to get quality backlinks.

So, my query here is that is it really the only way or there are some other methods too?
Yes there are other methods present.

But guest posting is the most preferred one. You are getting a text link with anchor text of your choice so it usually becomes relevant and of quality.

Other methods such as the broken link building, earning links can also be considered as effective.
Guest posting is the best and most convenient way to build the links for your site. But there are some techniques also available that you can be used to build quality backlinks for your site.
Techniques like:
  • Forum Participation
  • Profile Creation Sites
  • Web 2.0 Sites
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Press Release
You can also try these types of techniques.
As @ Zeus said that there are other methods too but the guest post is preferred by everyone nowadays!!
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No Guest posting isn't the only way to build quality links!
Guest posting is one of the best way to get quality backlinks but you can also get quality backlinks from Profile linking, Press Release and forums.
Guest posting is considered by numerous a legitimate method to get connects and improve a site's positioning. This is both valid and bogus and it depends from where and how you get joins pointing back to your site
Guest posting is not only the basis to build quality links for your site. The best method is still build quality content pages for your own site. The creative content page must answered the customers journey and queries for your website to convert targeted traffic and sales.
Many market experts agree that guest posting is one of the most effective marketing strategies on the internet. Guest posting is a great way to introduce yourself to others. If getting quality backlinks is the main reason for guest posting, ultimately you lose others. Guest posts can give many other extra things with quality links if, you post perfectly. Bellow guest posting benefits show...
  • Build Relationships in Your Niche
  • Boost Brand Awareness
  • Improve Writing Skills
  • Instant Exposure to Targeted Traffic
  • Expand Personal Network
  • Improve Online Authority
  • Feedback from the Community
  • Expands a Portfolio of Work
  • Drives Sharing on Social Media
  • Sharpen Content Marketing Skills
Guest blogging is, without a doubt, a crucial step for online marketing success.
Full-Scale Digital Marketing Services Company
No, Guest Post is not the only way to get the quality links. There are various methods available. But yes, with the guest posting, you can generate natural links or related links. That helps us to get the ranking in SERP and increase the authority of our website.

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