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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - October 2020
Any news on the indexing issue?
@avinash29 The problem is still there. If that what you are asking.

Google is sending traffic yes. But low in number. New pages are hard to indexed but once they get indexed they can get ranking boost. But that also I am not sure will happen to everybody.
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Today saw a funny thing.

A page in one of our site gets updated every now and then. Whenever some folk comes to the page from the SERP's. They see the latest version of the page. The head title always remain the same just like a blog.

Now, today I saw a page dating years back is ranking with it's own head title separately. I mean seriously? Google is a mess.

And you guys know for what query?? Yeah!! It's for the main page itself. And the most striking thing is that the page which is ranking, is not even an "not-important" one it's just irrelevant after all this time.
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@diamondhead If you have old pages then know this that they can made available any time. Google really doesn't delete data. It just overlaps them with another one and then another one.

Meanwhile US and European traffic is very much slow and inconsistent. Anybody else noticing it?
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@elliekushn Around 20% US traffic is less compared to the last Monday.

@hema29 Thanks.
@avinash29 I believe it will remain like this until the US elections is over.
@davids @avinash @elliekushn @zeus Bing is sending tremendous amount of traffic. All is good. But the traffic is seriously decreasing our eCPM rates in Adsesne.
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@salma21 Bing is having an indexing issue. But I am not sure why you are receiving traffic that is decreasing your eCPM.
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Noticeable increase in traffic. Around 15-20% or so. And also seeing much activity in the new pages which were published last week. So, I can say that Google is trying to fix things in the indexing front.
@white knight Well I am noticing it too. And in the other forums there is a talk about Google finally removing the links which are listed in the disavow list of sites. I wonder can it be the reason? Because all I had is some very low quality links from my niche which were basically done by people who tremendously love me. Wink Tongue

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