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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - October 2020
Whatever the update was planned. Has been delayed somehow. Or, atleast Google is not able to release it in full scale. Because of the Govt. issues.
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Adsense is bad then the previous month.

But after quite some time it seems like a normal Saturday to me. Traffic is good, no zombies, no excessive bots.

@limbo I suspected it too.
@lazylord Then again it fell today. Allover 20-30% fall in traffic even for a Sunday.

And referral traffic from all social media sites are also down as well. This never happens.
Weekends are always off buddy. HAHA Smile
(10-11-2020, 04:21 PM)nancypearl987 Wrote: Weekends are always off buddy. HAHA Smile

As I said it's even low than a usual weekend.
A few weeks ago the problem with the social sites. That they are flooding the SERP's too much was more or less came under control.

But now it looks like that it's back along with some extra features.
Surely, something is happening. Even though sensors reports a bit late still they are showing high numbers.Tongue

[Image: Google-October-Algo-Update2020.jpg]
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If this month no core update comes then I can say with surety that Google is going to duck out this year in terms of giving core updates.

And frankly Google doesn't need to announce they will just partition the update in small sections and release it every now and then.
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@davids Although I don't agree with you on the point on Google ducking out.

But surely agree with the fact that Google can pull a large update into small ones and say that's their regular normal tweaks of algo. And November December whether like it or not, things will get dramatic in holiday season for sure. Wink

Remember last year's November burst.Tongue
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As, many were talking about indexing.

[Image: Capture.jpg]
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