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Getting links didn't help!!
So, I got a few links from our niche's well reputed blogs. But it's been a few months and my rankings didn't improve at all. Yeah, maybe a little but its more or less negligible.

And yes I kept in mind to keep the anchor texts relevant and good. Most of them comes from texts so relevancy is not an issue here. I can surely say.

But still I don't know what I am doing wrong here.
Getting links from authority blogs do help. But the page itself have to have authority in order to pass the link juice to you. As, you should know search engines rank pages not sites.

Some of the largest blogs as I have seen pass no link juice at all. Because the page doesn't have any authority for itself.

If a page has quality links to it then it will definitely pass link juice as you intended. Otherwise, it's extremely rare.
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@spidy29 It doesn't mean that the page which is referring you back always should have external links to it. Powerful internal links within the host blog can also lift the page's authority and hence rank improvement for you.

@batman Overall authority do effect. But only a little. Chances the blogs which OP is referring are mediocre and so it is not having much effect.
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@spidy29 Nahh!! man you are mistaken. If they are from good pages which can pass link juice then you won't be posting here.

As, suggested by others. Either the pages doesn't hold much of a authority themselves or they are somehow blocked. It can also be the case that the webmaster later on decided that to no-follow your links. I mean a user or a guest poster puts links as her or his like. But during publication or soon after publication those links gets edited.
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Okay, I am getting a picture now.Smile

Quick question!! Say if I get a link from a page which gets tons of exposure from reddit. Will it be able to improve my rankings?
Reddit links are no-follow and now I believe they are also categorized as ugc type.

So, no they will not help to improve your rankings.

Although nevertheless. Reddit can send traffic to the host page which in turn can send the traffic to you. So, if you can work it up good then you might be able to pull some good amount of traffic.
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