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[Reviewed]Admin Vault - Creating. Assisting. Promoting.
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Forum Name: Admin Vault
Forum Link:
Description: Admin Vault has a skilled team of forum administrators whom are dedicated to supplying users with resources and promotional techniques.
Not another one! Is what everyone will be saying. But with my experience I am good at running forums. I know the techniques and what is involved in running a forum. I have the funds that generally allow for some cool features, or removal of ads for everyone. I've owned a promotion forum a few years back and it got really active because of my commitment. I want to give this to Admin Vault and this time I will keep it going - and I will not sell it. That's the problem I had with my past promotion forum I gave up. And many of us want to give us, sometime or another. This is a forum that will show commitment and I will show 100% dedication. No matter how weak or strong the forum gets.

We are on Zetaboards as there is such a great quality of strength I can get from the forum. The forum will always be a premium ad-free forum.

Join today. There's nothing to lose.

Category: Advertising, Promotion, Webmaster.
Your site have been approved. It will be reviewed soon.
Site Appearance

You are using a very custom theme which is really good. You have your own favicon image with customized logo which looks really good. But to me the color of your 'at the beach 'theme is too bright and fonts are also small then the standard ones. Your header banner is taking really large space in 'at the beach 'theme. So, adjust it. And also every time your domain is browsed as <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> it is redirected to <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> which it should. Make sure you are using canonical tags otherwise SEO will be impacted.

As a guest visitor your forum looks really empty so start posting and get members who can post. I see you are running a competition which is really a good idea to get new members. Also you can use services like postloop where you can get posts at a much lower price. Your forum's graphics is fine just adjust the head space in 'at the beach 'theme as I had said earlier.


Your on-page optimization looks pretty good. You had your header, meta description well placed. Your site's loading speed is also just fine. I can easily navigate your entire site without any problem. Although, your off-page factors are not looking good. You don't have a countable backlinks to your site and moreover your site's number of indexed pages in the search engines are also ineligible. So, make sure you submit properly your site to the search engines.

Sense of Community

As your forum is too new. So, I really can't give you any review or comment on it. But you must grow a strong sense of community in order to make it run. Post discussions which your members will really be interested to participate. Create article type posts such as 'how to's' & 'tutorials' which will increase your reliability as forums admin and also you will get the attention of the search engines as well.


My overall impression to your forum is that your forum has potential. But you will need much patience and dedication to make it a run. Anyway, good luck.

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