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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - September 2020
Traffic changed over the last weekend. But nothing more than small fluctuations were seen.

But today one of our keyword jumped from page 5 to page 2 straight up.
The indexing issue is creating a whole lot more problems for me and my clients.

Everyone out their is asking why the new pages are not getting indexed or worse not getting indexed properly.
Indexed mobile pages are getting thrown out. What the hell is going on people? Or, am I the only one?
(09-25-2020, 03:31 PM)joycer Wrote: Indexed mobile pages are getting thrown out. What the hell is going on people? Or, am I the only one?

You are not the only one. I am hearing this the third time today. Can be bug too?? So, I will suggest wait for a few more hours.

And also one question are those mobile pages new or old ones?
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Well some are posted this week or so. But there are pages which are a month old too.

The majority is comparatively new.
Indexing issue for some sites is getting better. But for some sites they are getting worse. It's like Google is targeting some sites specifically!!
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A good rankings article just fell from the search results.

For others articles 30% fall in Asian traffic specifically India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Some are just replaced by Chinese traffic. And they are useless as hell. I am also wondering that they might be bots.
@mediamonster Some of our articles have come back today. Mostly which were old. But new ones don't have any sign.
Is anybody having wrong canonical problems?? My most of the pages are showing wrong ones.
@macaulead Apparently it is an issue of the hour. But no one has any clue so far. And nothing from Google's end as well.
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