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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - September 2020
Can anybody confirm? Is there an update going on?

Today I spend the afternoon looking for good traffic. And then when I shifted my focus, zombies are being bombarded by Google onto my sites in the evening.
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Well I feel your pain. @avinash

May I ask do you seeing any changes in patterns in traffic?? Country wise or continent wise?
@anush Well US traffic is considerably low this week. I am guessing it's due to the holidays.

No, I am not seeing much of any pattern change here. But overall traffic is down since the last couple of days as a whole.
@avinash You are not alone. US traffic is low.

Apparently there were also some indexing issues. And I think its been resolved now.
Apart from the indexing issue?? Any updates going on?
In other forums. There is a talk going on that a major core update is coming..
(09-14-2020, 03:03 PM)nick23 Wrote: In other forums. There is a talk going on that a major core update is coming..

Its a safe assumption. This time of the year an update does comes from Google.Tongue
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Today hour by hour, throttling traffic came and sooner went back to zero.

Our throttling traffic doesn't occur the entire day. But today indeed was an exception.

I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow people shout about a Core update.

Around 20% increase in traffic in some hours (during traffic up ones) which I am not used to.
@davids I am not seeing much of throttling traffic. But yeah traffic is high since yesterday. In my case it's about 10%. Apart from that nothing much.
So, some folks are seeing high traffic. But I am seeing a decline of traffic since the last two days. I am in travel niche.

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