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Why is it so hard for a webmaster to make money??
I see a lot of admins who just fail to make money from their sites. What is the primary reason that their site never took off?

What will you guys say about this?
There are plenty of reasons for it. The primary reason that many will cite is patience. But I will not make comment on that.

The thing that I have witnessed myself. Is that webmaster's obsession towards one or a just handful of couple of things, is the primary reason behind it.

Many from the start are so obsessed with the fact about 'content', that they forget everything else. May be they are producing valuable and insightful content. But it doesn't matter if the content doesn't get proper and/or decent exposure at all. If your audience doesn't even know your creations or simply doesn't reach them then what's the point of it?!

The second category is the class of people who thinks nothing rather than making money. They create just links from PBN's and other what not's to rank their site. They don't care about content, they fill their sites with garbage which surely losses interest of the audience after a while.

Now, you might ask then what will be the proper way to make a site successful?! The answer is simple you have to look out for everything. You should focus on content because real people have to like your creation for your site to sustain. Along with that you will need links too. Because without the help from search engines it is extremely hard to get good exposure.

The thing is if you gain something then you have to give something back too. Its also not like that you created something then it will earn you for life. Time to time you have to contribute to it as per needs, and act accordingly. So, be human and work hard along with a little patience, you will succeed in no time.Smile
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@limbo Well said.

The thing is if you are running a business then you have to learn to adapt as per needs. Most of the marketers just stick to one or two or maybe 4-5 methods. And also it's not just about making money but also providing good service to the people. You have to maintain all the aspects.
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It's really frustrating how huge number of sites just fail. I guess they try but not try cleverly.
@macaulead From what I have seen marketers simply lack patience.Tongue
Lack of good marketing strategy. Develop your marketing strategies and analyze your drawbacks. if you want to grow your site traffic, you can promote your site on social media platforms likes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Understand your audience's tendency what they want? Communicate your audience through the social media platforms.

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