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Changing CMS from WP to Drupal, will it effect rankings?
Wordpress is just now a pain is the as*.

It takes a lot of time to load. To publish a single page article you will need atleast one hour to write, edit & publish. Confused Confused

And the update & upgrade option also seems to break every time. I don't understand if the CMS services going to fail every time then why give an automatic option in the first place?! Angry The most disappointing part is that in previous times if you use any unnecessary plugin or have an outdated one then only wp would give you trouble. But now that's not the case even if you don't use any plugin still wp will give you a ton of problems. Dodgy

So, we have decided to move to Drupal.

Changing CMS, will it effect thee present rankings? I am doing my best to keep everything same (url and all). Blush
Changing CMS shall effect the rankings. Even if you keep all the things unchanged. But that doesn't mean that you will loose your rankings for forever. You will regain them with proper optimizations.

Yeah, sure it may take some time. But it is doable.

My suggestion to you will be that Drupal is a very high optimizeable CMS. If you do things correctly then it might turn out better than anything (ofcourse better than mighty WP). So, before switching CMS you might wanna learn every bit you can regarding Drupal Optimization & handling. Take you time & act with patience.Smile
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It all comes to the fact that how well can you optimize your new CMS. It's not all about whether you are changing any features or not.

Some might argue about h1, meta structures to be kept intact. But I have seen sites who have changed many of those things and get ranked the same or in a better way.
If the website template and all the data remain the same, it won't be affected that much.

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