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How to Improve ranking of my GMB (Google my Business Listing)
Hi Guys,

My Business listing rank 3rd page on Google Maps. Please help me how to improve the ranking of my GMB.

Thanks in Advance.!!
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Haven't you submitted your site in local listings and directory sites?!
Here are some basic checklist, make sure that you have completed all of them as it helps you to increase your ranking!!

-Enter complete and accurate information
-Keep Your Hours Updated
-Optimize Your Listing Description
-Properly Categorize Your Business
-Add Photos to Your Maps Listing
-Get Google Reviews
-Consolidate Your Maps Listings
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Optimize your Google Business Listing Description. Ask your customers to give a review of your services.
If you are third on the listing then it does not mean that you are less better than the top 2.
You will be ranked first, if your shop is near to the person searching.
So if the person searching is only 100 metres from your shop then your shop will be listed first.
If you further want to improve your ranking then ask your happy customers to review and give you nice quotes. Google will undertstan that you provide quality service and hence they will rank you above the competition.
This review process needs to continuos and flow all the time.
How do I rank higher on Google Maps?

Claim and verify your Google My Business (GMB) listing.
Fully complete your GMB listing.
Ensure your GMB category is accurate.
Add lots of high quality photos.
Acquire relevant Google reviews.
Make posts regularly.

Learn more about Local SEO factors that affect your rankings.
Optimize your Google Business Listing Description, labels, services. Also, Ask your customers to give a review.
Use this guide to make sure your Google My Business listing is correct, every. They also increase your business's visibility in search results. Click here

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