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Meta Description & WP Plugins
Meta description should be exactly what's the page is for, right?

The thing is I use plugins for it. Its very hard to get a good feedback out of those plugins in any case scenario.
You are completely overdoing it. Using extra plugins just for meta is just burden indeed. Increases security problems of your sites and also unnecessarily increases the volume of it too.

Many people these days just leave the meta's blank. Because Google ignores them anyway. It will choose something that it shall think its good for user's search intent.
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I usually write my own metas. And I haven't faced any issue where Google choose any description for me.
(07-03-2020, 03:02 PM)r_desai Wrote: I usually write my own metas. And I haven't faced any issue where Google choose any description for me.

The point is not whether Google chooses your meta. The point is that its completely unnecessary to use a separate plugin for it even if you do choose to write your own meta.
Try not to let your expert or toolset fool you, it isn't basic to have a meta depiction on each page, or really near each page. While evaluating your site for meta depictions, separate between those pages that do and needn't bother with them and just keep up those that are important
This happens to many of us. Just make sure the title is within the limit and according to the page.
Wp plugins are very useful to make your SEO perfect. This helps you to keep the correct position of the meta tag.
Yoast seo plugins would be handy for your meta tags optimization and you will only need to include your interesting title and description call to action. Also some canonical url and activation of index to yes.
Sometimes, we should ignore plugin tips/warnings.

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