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What is considered as Quality Content?
With all the new algorithm updates, broad core updates, EAT & other what not's.

I just want to understand the fact that what is actually considered as Quality Content these days. When I search in Google, I only see irrelevant posts with various links to images and videos. So, that mean the textual content is loosing its value day by day?
I am not quoting any so called experts of Google or famous SEO's. I am just saying about my views.

From all these updates I have come to this conclusion that quality content is never determined by any specific factor. Rather than that it is decided by considering a lot of factors. And this may include social signals too.

Any piece of content that can earn links or get shared in social channels will be considered as a content with authority. And as per your say about ranking images and videos. I will say that they are ranking for the time being. In the next core update or in the future you will see that they are getting much less importance than that of now.
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@white knight Are you referring to earning do-follow links?
@super27 One thing you should know and understand it clearly that. Nobody and I mean seriously nobody gives away a do-follow links for free. Because of the manual action penalties and other what not's.

If you are lucky then you will get a no-follow link without any attributes. So, in this case it will be type of link and from where it is coming from.

Its near to impossible but not totally impossible that you get a do-follow link. So, again it will depend on the referring page, the piece of content that is referring, the anchor texts etc.

And to you query. I am talking about earning links here. The link type will come later.
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Content is still matter in SEO. Quality content helps to improve your website ranking and traffic easily.
(06-29-2020, 05:34 PM)websiteee Wrote: Content is still matter in SEO. Quality content helps to improve your website ranking and traffic easily.

Yes, just like your this post here.Tongue
Quality content is successful content. Quality content achieves a goal (e.g., it drives traffic, Google search rankings, engagement, or conversions).
@charlesprabhu Now what kind of comment is that??

Content from large sites such as the BBC or the CNN are also successful usually but that doesn't mean that they are of top notch quality.

There is no definition for term quality here. Whether it is unique or not that matters mostly, and also if its has demand then one or more pages just like it will sprung up. But the page with most authority will only score.
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These days quality content conveys a story presented in a contextually relevant manner with the goal of soliciting an emotion or engagement.

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