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Targeting Same Anchor Text or Keyword Effects Our Ranking?
First of all, I really want to say that I am really happy that you gave me a chance to be one of the member of your community and I hope that you will be happy to help me. I am an SEO guy and really love to talk about SEO. So my question is "If we targeting the same keyword for a longer period of time, Does it really affects our ranking?

I am doing SEO for a website from the last 3 months and targeting similar keywords daily for the same URL and see the negative effects in my ranking so I think we should avoid targeting similar keywords for a longer period of time and it does not matter than how important that keyword is. I am right? Please share your opinion and let me know.
First of all its an open forum. So, you don't need to thank anybody for being a member.

And to your query. What do you mean you are targeting similar kw's for the same url. Are you adding general tags on the page? Is that what you are saying?

Adding general tags on the same page won't cut it. If the page doesn't get indexed correctly or search engines don't bother to rank it well.
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Why are concentrating on just one page? If you are building links then you should probably build for all important pages of your site.

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