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How to say a specific link is bad or good?
You can determine a specific link if bad or good by through the most relevant informative content that answered the target users query and expectations.
All you have to do is download the MOZ extension and sign up there. It is a third party as it is not linked to google. But it can tell you the domain authority, page authority, and the spam score of that particular site. If the DA is on the higher side, it is good for you, and the spam score is on the lower side.
Inbound link or Outbound link?  Rolleyes
Hi, A bad backlink is a link that comes from a not-so trusted website. Since the Penguin algorithm change in 2012, Google has been cracking down on bad links. Before Google launched the Penguin algorithm, websites were violating Google Webmaster Guidelines with black hat SEO.
Use MOZ DA Checker, and you will get the idea if the link is good or not!
If your links are coming from unrelated sites or pages, they'll be regarded as bad links. If you're an internet marketing expert, don't try to get links from fitness blogs, because they're not related. However, if you're interviewed by a fitness expert, you should use your brand name as anchor text.
The key here is to review the linking page's content. If it offers little to no value or appears straight-up shady, then you've found yourself a bad backlink

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