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Which plugins to avoid in Wordpress?
I have seen some blog posts regarding this. But they only expresses the individual blogger's personal POV.

In general what problems does a newbie or an advanced user can face, its not represented well.

So, please share your views on which plugins to avoid!!! And also if possible share why?
You will only get personal views because people only share their own thoughts. I mean in general I can write that x,y,z are bad for newbies but that doesn't mean they will be individually.

Now coming to your question. I will state that it is only my view that I am about to share.

The big NO-NO plugins according to me will be Disqus, Yoast SEO plugin, any kind of social or code editing plugins, plugins that claims to automate your work, basically avoid any third party service that requires you to install a plugin etc.
WordPress plugins you may want to avoid are database management plugins such as Adminer and Portable PHPMyAdmin. You also don't need WordPress GZIP Compression, WP-PHPMyAdmin, and WP DBManager for database management. The functions they serve are already addressed by most web hosts.
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