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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - June 2020
@vk_lord Demand or not. I have experimented on it on a large scale. Maybe they will up for a hew hours more but rather than that nothing.
Worthless traffic is coming to our sites. We are getting views and visits but no sales at all. And also the CPM rates way too much low.

Its been like this since the last two days.
Anybody seeing any fall in Discover traffic? Because my numbers has fallen big since the last few days.
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@vkumar Yup Its more or less everybody's story.
Another update is going on now. Although I am not surprised the way bots were acting lately. It was evident.

But the traffic is very low. On many sites they just went off. And they were scoring pretty good traffic recently.

Traffic from various regions of the world is currently upset. We were not expecting Asian traffic now but we actually watched them the most. The problem is useless traffic eats bandwidth up without turning.
@ClaudiaBrunson There is an update going on.

Anyway some are reporting that there are few cases of recovery in traffic despite of the weekend. Are you guys noticing anything?
I am hoping to see some recoveries all the way. But didn't expected this much recovery all in one day.
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(06-22-2020, 08:20 AM)avinash29 Wrote: I am hoping to see some recoveries all the way. But didn't expected this much recovery all in one day.

Yep it recovered then it fell again. And now I am seeing a huge influx of traffic.

Talking about google roller coaster. Big Grin Tongue
Looks like a major update is going on. SEMrush and all other sensors are going crazy.

[Image: googlejune2020updates.jpg]
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