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Post Google May 2020 Core Update, sites with ridiculous link profile are ranking high
As my subject line tells everything. I am not going to try and explain.

I am just frustrated with Google now.

Sites which are hosted in free platform such as the blogspot or wordpress with ridiculous link profile. Their links are only from spammy sites which anyone can confirm are ranking high and our good sites are no where to be found.

Its not that these sites have very good content. They have content copied basically from other sites and pasted in their ones.
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Well one thing I can confirm that you are not alone buddy.

More or less every webmaster who does SEO fairly is facing this.

I don't complain much about these updates. As, I know a company like Google is only trying to make money. Its just plain business for them.

But this update makes no sense at all. Quality sites are no where to be found. All the search results are filled with low quality social media posts and images. In some cases videos are ranking high which is very hilarious in some niches.
I have also been facing the same issue, the core update hit my site very badly and I have also noticed that many sites which are low quality but they ranked higher in SERP.
Instagramd and Pinterest posts have flooded the SERP's and this is the new Google.

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