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What should be the tagging strategy of a Landing Page?
People add tags to different pages or the same page, in order to attract as much as people they can. Along with them to get as much as exposure through search engines too. So, what do you guys think that what should be the strategy to add tags for a landing page?

The landing page will be attracting several types of people from one and its related niches. But I am afraid that for conversions we have to depend solely on the people of our niche only. So, any suggestions?!
So, what they attract a bunch of irrelevant people??!!!

Go on add tags as much as you can. They will only increase your exposure.
Add not more than 4 tags. Getting traffic from relevant sources is the key to converting leads into customers.
Only add those tags that are most relevant for the topic covered on your web page.
Don't increase the unnecessary traffic that hampers your leads conversion strategy.

I hope this helps!
Put tags that are relevant to what your site is offering.
Tags should be relevant instead of many!

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