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Do I need to disavow broken links too?
Recently I got a manual action penalty for incoming links. So, I started disavowing links. I have disavowed most of the unnecessary links. But as now I am checking all the links thoroughly I am also seeing a lot of links which are broken. Should I continue to to disavow them too?

What's the take of Google on broken links?
Now-a-days its almost impossible to get a manual action penalty for incoming links. Because Google mostly ignores all low quality links pointing towards your site. Unless ofcourse you have got not a pile but a mountain of garbage links pointing towards you.

These broken links which you are talking about how would you classify them? Are they from good source or are they garbage too? Speaking clearly it doesn't matter because they are broken so don't bother.

My take on using the disavow tool is that you don't need to use the tool unless you know for sure that any link is hurting your site.
Instead of disavowing broken links, I have a better suggestion for you.
You can redirect the broken links to a better and updated page.
This will ensure that the audience coming to your page is redirected to a better page and you don't lose any visitors.
Also, you would get a little link juice out of the broken link which is a good thing.

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