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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - February 2020
Total BS SERP's filled with ads. I am seeing more ads than actual results. And when I say more it means way more.

Some of our clients are experiencing a downtime in traffic since the update (or whatever this is) started. So, we told them that let the update rolling be over first. Now, we are getting calls about when this will be over.

Hell!! we don't even know when it will be over. So, what am I supposed to tell them?! Yesterday SEMrush showed that its cooling off so we thought atlast relief. Now again today its showing 9.

But its not the main reason I am concerned. After the September updates we redid a lot of sites who lost rankings back then. In the January updates most of the sites showed consistent and steady amount of promising recovery. Now, I am seeing that their traffic is getting effected by good percentage.
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@white_knight Have you tried to see for any product? (anything) Or, try to do some research which everyone does before buying anything?

Just do it and you will see. How google is destroying small industries. I know you are concerned and I am not saying any odd to that or for that. But compare you concern with the small businesses who are loosing sales since last year specially after the September updates.

Amazon products are flooding the SERP's whether you like it or not. And its not just for amazon itself in many cases only the big players of that industry are getting ranked no matter how odd they are to the respective search query.
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@anush Every person's problem is the biggest in his or her eyes.
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@Paul I didn't mind at all. @anush actually told the truth.

Today Telecom, Tech and other related industries are going crazy specially the ones which share information such as reviews, updates etc.

Checked again today SEMrush its still at 9.
Actually I am seeing pattern here. Everyday for a short period of time. Traffic comes and the leaves. Then again after a few hours later it repeats itself. I think that Google is testing a new AI or something. Its not like any other broad core or minor updates.
I heard that Google said its not even any official update!! Its just regular update.

Now I am wondering if this is a regular update then what it will look like when a timed update rolls out.
The January updates hit us pretty bad. Now this.

Today after two weeks or so sites are again flooded with zombie like traffic.
So, this was an update because most of the sites saw their rankings fluctuate and again it was not an update as Google said so.Tongue
(02-14-2020, 03:28 PM)bishop21 Wrote: So, this was an update because most of the sites saw their rankings fluctuate and again it was not an update as Google said so.Tongue

Google is not calling it an update because I think to the webmasters side its nothing actionable at all.
Traffic is not recovering atleast not on this weekend.

And I am in shock since the last two days. As, Google has decided to remove most of the small sites from the SERP's only replaced by the large ones.

Its like Google is out there for blood of the small niche sites.
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