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Do your Content Writers write your emails too?
I was just wondering. Many of you guys spend a lot of money for content writing, So, these hired writers writes down your emails too? Or you guys hire or had help separately for just emails.
Many writers do that separately and many don't. It solely depends on the writer and also to the concerned project.

This goes to the people who are hiring writers too. Many prefer specialist writers for their emails because its a very direct approach to the customers offering products and/or services. Therefore, these writers are more expensive. While content writers for blog or review writers are less expensive because they target a crowd at a time.
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Clients usually hire content writers according to the context of a project. So, the classification already is been done when a content writer gets a particular job.

And yes email writers are more expensive.
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So, if I am looking to hire a writer for emails then I have to look specifically? That's the most effective way to get one?
No my content writer does not write an email. He writes blogs and articles all time. When you hiring your content writer then you can discuss your email writing.

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