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Wordpress Optimized Hosting, Does they help in SEO in any way??
Those companies which provides wp optimized hosting. Do these services help a site's SEO in anyway? I mean I know hosting is a separate thing but if a wp site is optimized by professionals will they perform well in the search rankings in any way or so?
The quick answer is NO. None at all.

You have got it all wrong here. Wp optimized hosting means that the hosting company will install worpress in your site and more or less update your plugin which you have installed after launching your site. other that that they have no hand in your site at all.
I don't understand the concept of buying a wordpress hosting anyway. Why pay more if you don't have to!!

Now-a-days most hosting companies provides Softaculous like services which installs the script for you.

And to OP I say. No they do not help in anyway.

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