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How much effect does a SSL actually have over SEO?
I am confused. Sometimes Google is pushing it. Sometimes they are ignoring it (as seen in the recent updates).

Many people talking about installing it only if we are dealing with money. Some use them anyway. So, what's you guys take on this?
Google was pushing it a couple of years back. Not now. The problem isn't with Google here if you don't have a SSL installed then probably any major browser such as Firefox or Chrome throws away a warning message to the users which can be pretty disastrous if your users base is a crowd which isn't much familiar with the web.

And No they don't have any effect in SEO that can noticeably increase or decrease your rankings. Some might suggest that they have little effect but I haven't seen any major or little changes so I beg to differ.
SSL isn't directly affecting SEO ranking but if you use SSL it's definitely helps in your website ranking. And this SSL is very important for website ranking in the mobile.
By installing SSL throughout the site, you can gain the benefits of search engine rankings and enhance user trust. Google recently announced that having an SSL certificate is the easiest way for website owners to improve SEO rankings
It has no direct effect on the ranking of your website!!

Google says something like that, It can be said without a doubt that having an SSL certificate on your website will. Many internet browsers (including Google Chrome) now include obvious.
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A benefit of being stateless is that there is not as much data to send, meaning. But the HTTPS will provide enhanced protection because it uses SSL to surround the data. As of now, it is only a slight signal, really only having an effect on less than 1% of global queries.
They found that HTTPS is moderately correlated with higher search rankings on page 1 of Google. There are other studies out there that have found minor correlations as well, like this one from Moz. The SSL certificate can significantly improve the user experience of your visitors.
Many current users feel that the current laws are not sufficient to protect their rights. Google has taken a strong stance to ensure that it protects the privacy of its customers. To implement secure connections, search engine giant HTTPS was announced as a ranking signal in 2014. Only 1.9% of users of the top 1 million websites revert to a default HTTPS / SSL version. If you need more details please visit
Having an SSL certificate will not automatically boost your website to the top of the search engine results pages. You need to consider all the other SEO factors as well as SSL. If you're ticking off all the boxes then having an SSL certificate will certainly help your rankings though.
Also, Google recently announced that having an SSL Certificate is the easiest thing site owners can do to boost their website SEO ranking. The Google search boost for using SSL applies to all sites, whether they have personal information or not.
Hope it helps.

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