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How much effect does a SSL actually have over SEO?
I am confused. Sometimes Google is pushing it. Sometimes they are ignoring it (as seen in the recent updates).

Many people talking about installing it only if we are dealing with money. Some use them anyway. So, what's you guys take on this?
Google was pushing it a couple of years back. Not now. The problem isn't with Google here if you don't have a SSL installed then probably any major browser such as Firefox or Chrome throws away a warning message to the users which can be pretty disastrous if your users base is a crowd which isn't much familiar with the web.

And No they don't have any effect in SEO that can noticeably increase or decrease your rankings. Some might suggest that they have little effect but I haven't seen any major or little changes so I beg to differ.
SSL isn't directly affecting SEO ranking but if you use SSL it's definitely helps in your website ranking. And this SSL is very important for website ranking in the mobile.

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