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How many ads per page?
How many ads would you put per page in a dynamic site? I know many ad agencies offer intelligent targeting but still you have to somebit limit them. So, how many?
There is no limit to that. As you wrote its for a dynamic site, right? A dynamic site can have as many ads it one page unless it effects the user experience somehow.

The main thing you should be focusing here is on user experience. If it goes then you can place 100's of ads in one single page otherwise just or two have to do.
Yes I agree with likewise but so many ads distract users and he/she will go out from your site without spending any time on it.
Per page I prefer 3 ads, it's for experiment. Some ads get clicks and some don't. So it is better to have some options in ads.
Many ads on the page will distract the users you can use 3 too 4 ads per page.

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