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Getting too many spam traffic from a few sites
Getting spam traffic it isn't a new thing. Usually they are too small in size so we just create a filter in analytics to keep our metrics clear. But now the spam rate has increased exponentially. We even tried to contact the site owners of those sites. But they didn't even care to reply us.

Its happening right after Google started rolling its core algorithm last week. We use Cloudflare (paid option) as CDN. Some might say that they can povide any solution for this. To those who I say I have checked all of our options haven't found any solution to this particular problem.

Any kind of suggestion or tricks are much appreciated?!
Too many spam traffic only means that you are being attacked. And I beg to differ with you. There is a solution in Cloudflare that I can recall. So, either you are not seeing it or don't know where to look or use the service properly. I will suggest that contact their support directly.

And there is another way. If the traffic is coming from a handful of sites then you can just get the ip addresses of those sites and block them via htaccess file of your site. Any mass traffic or bots will be blocked in this way.
Website referral spam has been a problem for years and occurs when a spammer uses a URL (that’s usually fake) to make requests to your website without actually visiting it. This means they appear in your Google Analytics acquisition report often in the hope that you’ll then click through to visit their URL.

Try post only quality website off-page strategies, Use Google search console tool disallow all the spam links
Jusread all the suggestions given above. So I am interested to learn how you solved the spam link issue?
Insert a robots.txt file to your web pages. This will ensure you don't get unwanted traffic from bots.
As to the spam traffic you get. It may be happening because of Negative SEO done on your website.
I would advise you to block those websites from redirecting to you.
I hope this helps!

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