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Any free tool like Google Keyword Planner
(01-13-2020, 05:27 AM)wigtree Wrote: Is there any free tool available which is actually reliable like Google kw planner. I used to use adwords keyword planner. But as you all know they don't let people keep useing it unless you are spending bucks in adwords.
most of the free tools does not give accurate results use paid tools for better work experience
Google trends and uber suggest are the free tools to get keywords.
Google keyword planner is not free and you need to set up an account ad in Google before you can access keyword planner. There are lots of keyword research tools that you can rely on. Like ubersuggest, keyword everywhere, etc.
The truth is there are no free tools which are reliable.
Google Search Console
Moz Pro

As per my experience, Google Keyword planner is the most effective and reliable keyword research tool. It gives all the required parameters. Through these parameters, one can easily choose right keyword.
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