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Promising leads but still low on conversions
We used recently Fb sponsored ads to collect emails. So, that we can mail them our product. Its not that we collect those emails under any false preference. The mail owners knew what and why they are signing up for.

But that's problem which we faced when we started mailing them.Out of 100K only 10-20 converted and others just bounce out.

Why is that? Is that the reason that we collected those emails through a social media platform?

Or, there is something else?
Although quality of the leads does matter when it comes to getting conversion. And we certainly don't recommend FB for generating leads too. Unless your audience is residing their solely.

But here is not that case. Infact whether you have collected the mails from social platform or not doesn't matter.

The thing here is people talking about spending money and actually spending are two completely different things. I would say that you have done a great job as you have collected mails from a social platform and got some conversions too. Yeah, they are less that 1% but atleast not zero.

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