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Does anybody sell SEO as per results?
Does anybody sell SEO as per results?

I mean if I want to buy SEO services that will definitely help me getting ranked at the top of the SERP's for my kws. So, they will guarantee results.
No one does that. Because that's a very foolish thing to do.

SEO is all about change. What you are seeing today may not be present tomorrow or even later on today.

Even the top notch companies won't promise you anything(in terms of results).
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You can sell whatever way you want. But real question here is will you be able to provide them as promised?
My point in asking this question is that. I see many posts in forums that they assure results in them. So, I am curious how can they do that?
No one can guarantee. Nothing is stable here. If one site is ranking 1 in SERP that is not permanent. Someday another site will take the place. SO the ranking position not only depends on your activity. It also depends on other proactiveness and Google updates and Google trendings.
Basically this is type of marketing, and in Marketing there no promise and no strong confirmations.

For example, if any big business hire any big celebrities for their brand promotion, is there surety that your business will run better and earned more revenue from previous.

answer is NO!

Same formula applies here, we worked from many clients, but many of them get good advantage from SEO services and they have working well in the industry.
They would guarantee you the results but whether you get those results delivered is another question.
In cases like these, I suggest you look at the price they charge for their services.
If they charge peanuts you should definitely not be their customers.
Find out the track record of these agencies to find how they operate and whether they deliver results.

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