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Just ads in apps annoys you??
Be honest with me here guys. Are you always annoyed by ads in mobile apps? Someone just told me that he is annoyed by ads in apps all the time.
No not always. But sometimes yes. Because some apps are flooded with ads.

Ads in the end screen while we are about to leave it, then maybe while changing pages etc are normal. But more than these such as the ads in welcome screen, poor navigation user wise just to place ads, ads & general buttons of the apps are inseparable etc always are annoying.
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Think the app as a book. Now the cover, front and back, shall have pictures which will be ads. But within the pages or inside the books there will be no pictures (unless it is relevant to the content of the book itself).
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I get it. But some in-page ads really convert well and generate good amount of revenue.

And I haven't got any complaints about them from the audience either.

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