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What if you are attacked by link spam?
Filter the low-quality backlinks which point to your website. And by using the google disavow tool disallow spammy backlinks. This helps to reduce the spam score of your website.
Link spam is a type of spamming technique that involves posting many links on various websites or forums to promote a particular website or product. If you are being attacked by link spam,
Use an anti-spam plugin: Many content management systems, such as WordPress, have plugins that can help filter out spam comments and links.
Use a spam filter: Many email clients have built-in filters that can help identify and block spam messages.
Be cautious of links in emails or online: Be careful about clicking on links in emails or online, especially if you are unfamiliar with the sender or the website.
Report the spam: If you see spam links on a website or forum, you can report them to the website administrator or moderator.
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@maddy27 Contacting site owners will get you nowhere.
(12-18-2019, 04:55 AM)lammao Wrote: Its a hypothetical question. If you are attacked by any spammer or a competitor, who is building irrelevant links or spammy links to your site then what will be your strategy to counter it?

I know some guys whose sites were attacked in the same way. So, I am concerned about these things.
You are said absolutely right.

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