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Citation site backlinks with exact match keywords!!
I have been following some sites on my own in our niche. And I have figured out about some of their linking techniques. For one they build regularly links from citations sites with the exact match keywords they are targeting and also the related keywords but only if they are needed.

Does these links can suppress our ranks? Or I should do them too?
First of all exact match keywords in citation site aren't much popular. Because they are risky.

And secondly tell us something about your own backlink profile. Without assessing your links it is almost impossible to state anything. You also said that this is some of their linking techniques. What other methods or links do they have? We have to compare them to yours!! In order to get a clear picture here.
Instead of exact match keywords try to have another set of long tail keywords that specifically target related sites to help build reputation in the field.
Nothing in SEO can suppress our rank other than Negative SEO.
As long as negative SEO is not done then your website will not be suppressed.
But you would have to ensure that you keep on building links for your website so that you remain in the competition.
The best way to build links is by working for press alerts and press releases and posting on forums.

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