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How to maket a local business with no or low budget??
How to market a local business? What are the possible methods that I can and should implement?

For the record I don't have much budget. May be 2k dollars a month. But that is also a game by long shot for me. I am mostly considering free methods or tricks through which I will be able to direct visitors from search engines.
If you are selling something non-digital then go old school that will be the safest bet. Trying to promote a business with a site is a good thing and can be profitable too. But it is just one of the many ways.

You should be focusing on giving away sale or discount. Those things create incentive enough to get sales and quickly your business to become known to the public as well.

And for online presence. Get listed in local citations, add your address for GMB etc.

Well frankly speaking there are many things to be done so share some more information about your product and/or business.
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If you are not selling any eproduct then I will suggest that you stick with offline marketing at first.

When you will start making some money then you can invest in your online presence.

What can I sat?? Its not a wise business strategy to go full on line if you are selling something that can be sold from anywhere.
I am selling both digital and non-digital product.
I think you need to adopt hybrid approach use some of budget on digital targeted fb and insta ads. Use rest of budget on gorilla marketing tactics.
(05-14-2021, 07:34 PM)dazzle Wrote: I think you need to adopt hybrid approach use some of budget on digital targeted fb and insta ads. Use rest of budget on gorilla marketing tactics.

Can you explain the gorilla marketing tactics ?!
The best business idea these days is to start a franchise business. It is no longer sufficient for businesses to have a huge setup in one place.

Have a nice journey.
Social media marketing is one of the best places lots of platforms where you can advertise and market your business and get more clients.
Content creation.
Personal or virtual assistant.
Event planning services.
Errand/concierge service.
Professional reviewer.
Social media consultant.
Etsy shop.
Online courses and tutoring.
You can promote your business digitally. using Local SEO..

Tips To do local SEO of your business website:

Include Crystal Clear Location Details in Content
After you think about optimizing your local company platform online for local search, the location is the first and most important feature. It's important to include the specific town, city, state, and other vital information about your local business's location. The title, meta descriptions, header tags, and body must all have these details.

Make the Website Design to Be Responsive
If your online local business platform is responsive from top to bottom, you may easily get the most anticipated traffic. Users of Smartphones, tablets, and laptops can access any business at any time from anywhere in the world. As a result, you must maintain a focus on improving the responsiveness of your website design.

Have the User-Friendly Mobile Sitemap
It is critical to have your sitemap crawled so that search engines such as Google are aware of what material is available on your business platform online and how to locate it. Making the most distinctive mobile sitemap is the greatest way to improve local search results. This strategy allows individuals to simply look for your local business using their mobile phones.

Sorted Contact Page
In addition to a phone number and email address for your local business, the contact page of your website should feature everything. You can acquire adequate assistance to urge target buyers to visit your business if you provide a complete business address. You must develop Google Maps to assist people in finding your local business quickly.

Sorted Google Plus
Different algorithms are used by Google and other search engines, and they are aware of the true value of local searches. Local business owners will find Google Plus to be quite beneficial in promoting their company online. You must employ first-class services to boost the rank of your local business on Google Plus Local pages once you have created a Google Plus account.

I hope my answer can help you to increase your business. If you want to take more information on local SEO you may comment to me, I can surely help you. or you can also read this blog than has a full guide on local SEO. It also help you to do local SEO to your site. Local SEO Guide to promote your business

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