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Google SERP Changes & Algorithm Updates - December 2019
I just hope that this month is good as just as Black Friday. Conversions and revenue went of the roof.
(12-01-2019, 04:17 PM)ksmith29 Wrote: I just hope that this month is good as just as Black Friday. Conversions and revenue went of the roof.

Yeah and I wanted to be a billionaire.

I just hope that Google don't do much changes. These changes are a business killer!! Huh
Anyone viewing any funny thing in adsense? Ecpm's were great and then today it fell. Not just a little but way much less.
@mediadrug A girl can only hope!!

@limbo Isn't that obvious??!! I mean Black Friday is over.
Today again we encountered bouncing traffic. Sites are flooded with bots so there is no real conversions.

And SEMrush is showing some SERP changes. I bet this has to do with the bouncing.
These type of changes I am afraid the most. Can't tell anyone what to expect.

The more traffic bounces the more calls we will get. And they are not happy ones.
Today traffic fell about 30%. And in our product forum we are also seeing a fall in organic as well as direct traffic. Is there any update going on?
Well that's the thought @supaul, another update.

You are not alone a lot of site owners are reporting this.
Google has assigned all sites a quota of traffic. No matter how much your traffic increases or falls it will end up being its monthly quota.

Google has always encouraged to build quality content. Content that helps users. But where is that motto now?? SERP's are filled with scraped content and ads. I am seeing a few sites who are adding content and getting traffic within from minutes. Those sites doesn't follow any guidelines. They only focus on promotion or ads specifically to say.
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@danni Well that is one way to put it.

Today fluctuations and traffic bounce was all over. But SEMrush today reported nothing.

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