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Google November Core Algorithm Updates, Is Google going to replace links?
Google November 8 Core Algorithm Updates, Is Google going to replace links as a ranking factor?
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Google is replacing its link dependency, yes. And this update is effecting how much? That no one can tell. Even Mueller of Google stated this week that there are a lot of updates going on so its hard to determine (Or, something like that).

I read the post in seroundtable. It basically explains how a link works and how can we stop a link from working if needed. Although the post has suggested that if you have a pattern of unnatural links then its time to take action. He also mentioned
that old sites which are live for a long time are prone to collect some links which may be unnatural. But we don't have to worry about them. Its not that they are effecting the site unless there is a pattern.
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Its somewhat scary. That how Google is going to rank pages if links aren't considered as a ranking factor?

People with big sites, big money will get all the advantages then??!!
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Indeed @anush.

And even now the big sites are ranking better.
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Links are still one of the major ranking metrics of Google so replacing it is not possible because the analysis in links behavior is to determine its quality and engagement from the users.
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