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Most of the marketing agncies fail, why is that?
What you guys say about this? In the case of SEO I see plenty of fake SEO's roaming and getting clients too. But many SEO's who are actually good not getting enough clients. This goes to any marketing agency.
In my opinion this happens because people often don't know what to expect and when to expect.

Marketing agencies can sale anything but as people don't know how much they can spend or when & where to put the money to have maximum ROI.
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This reminds of a client. He asked 'I don't know what to expect from my SEO expert. SEO has increased my traffic that's true but how much increase should I expect?'

These things happens when any industry is flooded with self-proclaimed experts ergo spammers.
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Sooner or later those clients will leave them.
Well, I think one can write a whole book (or a series of books) just trying to answer that...

In short, I think it goes a little like this:

1 - Often, they don't even know exactly what would "success" mean. Like, realistically speaking, what are the goals that you need to achieve in order to be considered a success? They don't know. Then, they do whatever they want to, not necessarily something that would contribute to success.

2 - If they know the goals, they may now know how to measure it properly. Sometimes there is no measurement, sometimes the measurement is quite biased to make them look good.

3 - If they know the goals and the ways to measure them (and that's a big IF), then there is a lot of strategies, tactics, tips, etc., about how to achieve them. This may take some work, but this is probably on the easier side. Of course, the assumption here is that they try to understand what are the best strategies and etc. for a given situation (also, not necessarily the case in real life).

4 - And, finally, knowing a strategy doesn't mean you are good at the implementation of a strategy. We see great plans with awful execution.

Since item #3 is often the easiest one, you see amazing presentations about plans. Beautiful slides, smooth talkers, nice prototypes.
I think to make money only the thing. If you are honest with your work and work for any client or website, you should do enough work that they want from you and their website. Most of the marketing agency should not work only for profit and they have to be loyal too.

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