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Re-written content on another site!!
Another site of ours have the re-written version of the content of our main site. Will it be dealt like a Duplicate content penalty from Google?
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Google doesn't give away duplicate content penalty. It might just ignore the page if its an exact copy or part of it is an exact copy.

However, Google will give ranking benefit to the page in which it is originally posted first like the news site. But again not in many cases that is possible so it again falls to the page's authority that decides which page is going to rank higher.

And coming to your headache, if its well re-written then you shouldn't be worried either.
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If the re-writen version is a junk don't bother because Google will only ignore it but if it is unique, good quality content there will be no duplicate.
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You need to check your re-written content in any one of Plagiarism checker tool. it will show how much content is matched. there is no particular limit for plagiarism but more than 5% is not good to your site.
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