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Does structured data effects SEO?
Does structured data effects SEO? I mean they effect SERP CTR but does have any effect on SEO too?
Using structured data correctly can help search engines to better understand what your content is about and may therefore contribute to a stronger relevancy signal. In addition, studies have shown that rich snippets can improve click-through rate (CTR), which can lead to better rankings indirectly.
They don't effect directly to SEO. Some might say no effect.

They just helps increasing CTR.
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Some might also think that higher CTR may effect SEO. But its not atleast not to some point.
Hi Friends,
The short answer is a resounding yes. But before we get into why, let's clear up a misconception: that structured data is only an SEO strategy. The fact is, it's much more than that: Structured data a foundation for machines to understand your content.

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