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Partially responsive theme!!
What does it mean to have a partially responsive theme? I have been told that one of my blog's have them. The way I know whether it is responsive or not. Its never partially.

Its from our affiliate network and I have emailed them back but they only told me that to check the page through google's mobile checker tool. In it the page of our shows not mobile friendly. So, here I am confused as he*l.
The thing about Google mobile-friendly checker tool is that if one element or code structure breaks or do not comply as responsive then they will show you that your entire page is not mobile friendly. That is the reason you are not seeing the 'partially' word.

Now check through the results you will see that only one or two things bothering as I am assuming that the affiliate network of yours is correct.!!
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That means that your theme is responsive otherwise your affiliate network wouldn't bother to tell you that. Check for any element or page structure which is breaking. You don't actually need a tool for it you can just use your browser window to compress & stretch the page to check.
So, I checked. Sidebar codes are not working well. I don't understand they are within the wordpress script then how they are causing problem?

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