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What exactly is a dupliacte content?
I hear a lot about duplicate content and the penalties for it. But I also see people taking content from one site and then republishing them in the other. What exactly is a duplicate content according to the search engine eyes?
Chunks of content within or across domains which are somewhat copied or exact match or similar as of to look are considered as duplicate content.

If this type of content is found in your site then it is often thought that Google has penalized your site or going to as others will say. But the real fact here is that Google will simply ignore your page and will consider the page where the content piece was first published to be the original source.

I hope it explains it to you.
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Similar content appears in multiple pages called duplicate hurts your site ranking in search engine results page and if you have duplicate content in your site, you will be penalised by search engine considers who post the content first.
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