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Two sites one the same server, targeting the same keywords!!
I would like to know what it will be viewed from the pov of the search engines such as Google. Say, if two sites were present on the same server using the same ip addresses and targeting the same keyword.

Actually the situation here is I am already ranking with one site. Now, I cannot edit or re-enter more content in it. So, I figured if I publish it in a new site it will be pretty easy to rank, for the same keywords.
If you are worried about getting red-flagged then use Cloudflare in the second site. Its basic plans are free to use.

And coming to Google. A single keyword will rank either from any of those sites at once. A single keyword will not rank from both of the sites if they are from the same ip.
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These days VPS are very cheap. You can get a up and running cloud based VPS only for $10. Then why don't just keep the sites separate. You will be worry free.
The thing is I have already got a VPS. So, I was thinking maybe I can share it.

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