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Why Bounce Rate is not considered as Key Performance Indicator??
I am hearing very often that Bounce rate's are not considered as a KPI or Key Performance Indicator. Why is that? Many people are dying to lower their bounce rate.

I see a numerous threads dedicated to them and still it is not considered as any site's KPI. I am confused
No, its not considered as a KPI. Rather than it, its considered as a diagnostic metrics or parameter. Because any particular BR doesn't show or express the actual goal of the page is served or not.

The page between landing page and sales page which filters the leads and makes them probable customers. Its sole purpose is just to catch the leads and send them to the actual sales page. It doesn't have any other links or it may have other links. But their CTR is considered bad because its disrupts the conversion, process!!

So, this typical page will have more or less 90% bounce rate. Its higher bounce rate measures that how accurately it is doing its job. The term high BR is bad isn't effective for this page. For this the higher the more better. I hope you understand what I am telling.
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Thanks for clearing it, Paul. You explained it beautifully. I am sure OP will find it useful as I have.
Paul is correct. As long as the page serves its purpose. Its bounce rate can be any number between 1-100. If it can be any number then how come any number is going to be good or bad??!!

So, its the main reason that bounce rate is not a KPI.

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