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Google's new rel="sponsored" attribute, good or bad?
Yesterday Google announced that from next year, it will use the rel="sponsored" attribute in order to identify and understand the paid links. What do you guys think about it apart from just being no-follow?
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I don't think that it is going to effect much on anything. Because while clicking away a user doesn't necessarily check whether the links is no-follow or something else.

Ask yourself this how many time while genuinely browsing the web you check the link attribute carefully??!!
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What I heard that its about no-follow attribute.
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Some are saying that all these fuss is for nothing. More or less its just the same.
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Google says there is no wrong attribute to use except in the case of sponsored links. If a link is marked as sponsored when it's not actually part of an ad or sponsorship, then the impact will be lessened.
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You people are thinking way too much then it is actually needed.
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What I don't understand is that why it is so big of a deal anyway?
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All the community boards have started working on making their links UGC.
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