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Keyword Density of Yoast!!
Does Keyword Density of Yoast plugin really mattes? I have got recommended to this plugin from several sources.
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Let alone Yoast doesn't matter. And you are worried about their KD.

No keyword density of any tool doesn't matter.
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Some may say that ignore Keyword Density some might say don't. But I will rather suggest that be smart on that.

Coming to Yoast its a colossal waste of time. Many webmasters face this problems while using it. It is often that if you listen to Yoast then you will probably end up over optimizing your page.
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Over optimization is the least of all problem from Yoast now. The latest versions of Yoast creates massive friction with other plugins and tools which might disrupt the delivery of your site to the users.
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So which KD checker will be a good alternative?
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You don't have to use any tool for it. KD is an obsolete term.
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Unless your content reads garbage and/or looks automated, you don't have to worry about keyword density.
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Alright, got it thanks guys.
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