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Which product to choose from??
In a very closed community of marketers. They discuss about products and have recommended me some of them. It may sound odd but in our niche it occurs. Now here is the dilemma. I think the products are good but I don't know what will occur in the long run.

So, I am having second thoughts about it before investing big bucks in it.
First of all its very rational thinking. I don't know about your niche but I can tell you this. That marketers are always competitive in every niche. Its the way of the world.

If they have given you a product then I can assure you that they themselves are not targeting those products. And neither they expect you to make big bucks. Because if the product has that much prospect and can make money, then they would have been competing for it. So, a wise advice will be that do your own research. I am not saying you should abandon those products. I am saying that know the things which you are throwing the money.
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What is it some kind of a cult?TongueBig Grin
(08-27-2019, 04:50 AM)mediamonster Wrote: What is it some kind of a cult?TongueBig Grin

Don't make joke. There are some closed groups. I don't know whether they forcibly put a product for you or not. But they sure make suggestions.

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