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Which links can perform well?
Which links can perform well? Textual links or other type of links which are from footers and other what not's.
I am guessing that you are talking about content text links!! Yeah they will have benefit then any other type of links. They will pass more link juice. As they would seem more relevant and natural.
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In many cases it occurs that when you get a link from footer even though you haven't bought it still search engines blames you that you did.
So, are the text link better than sponsored or referred links?
They are definitely better than the sponsored links. But for referred links it can't be said right away because it depends on the type of the referred link.
The type of links which are given by the site owner as sister site.
I am afraid that those links will look like more or less sponsored links so they will pass less link juice then plain text ones.
According to my point of view textual link give more benefits as compared to the other links. In some kind of niche footter, links are also helpful but you need to search in your niche before pasting your link in the footer.
A hyperlinks that are most related to the content in which emphasizes the concept and the benefits for the target audience.
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Generally, textual links perform well. When we put a link in the blog at that time we use href or bb code to identify the link. These types of links perform well.
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